“Frustrating…Painful…Aggravating…A huge hassle.”

Do any of these describe your experience with Warranty?  I truly understand how you feel…because I’ve been there.  And I can help relieve that pain.  
Warranty can really feel like an uphill battle.  The feeling that no matter what, you are going to lose.    It takes so much time and effort to learn the Warranty system correctly.  You could spend an entire year trying to get proficient…and stumbling through a lot of bad claims, with so many nuances, small rules, hidden policies, etc.  Incredible amounts of frustration. And after you spend all that time (1+ years) learning it, your employees who learned it all leave, and all that knowledge walks out the door.  You have to start all over again.    
I can’t remember how many times I’ve spoken with companies that ended up in that predicament.  Lost passwords…claims not done for weeks.  I know exactly what it feels like because that was my first experience with Warranty. For a large company, it is a hassle and thousands of dollars lost.  For smaller companies, it can threaten a company’s reputation, and the HVAC world is small.  It is a huge liability for any HVAC business.

Letting the distributor do your claims isn’t much better.  They require so much information up front and many can and will charge hefty fees, with no guarantee on when your claim might get done – in a company that will never prioritize Warranty.  You might be trying to get a hold of someone for days to get updates on the status of your claim, which leads to angry customers, lost contracts, etc. 

As a business, you already know that there is little to no money made in Warranty – it is a net negative on your profit margin, which means you want to spend as little time on Warranty as possible. With ClaimsDone, I am now your Warranty Expert.  With minimal info and a reasonable fee, I get your claims done, and fast.   All I do are claims – I’m not getting pulled away by conference calls or meetings.  I’m not bound by normal office hours or the 5 day work week.  I only need 4 data points to get your claim done.
You won’t have to worry about your Warranty knowledge walking out the door. When you call, you are not going to get a call center or be put on hold for 20 minutes or transferred 5 times.  You get me, directly – every time.  Some distributors can and do charge $50-$100 per claim. My price is $30. I don’t have a marketing firm, and I’m not an ad company.  I’m not going to bombard you will useless information.  I won’t make you sign ridiculous contracts, and there are no weird or hidden fees for anything.  I take privacy extremely seriously will respect your information and your privacy.  

I’m ready to help.  Learn how it all works.