Thanks for visiting ClaimsDone.  My Warranty journey started out several years ago when I suddenly became the senior Warranty Admin at the distributor level for the entire state of Colorado and part of Wyoming for all Carrier, Bryant and Payne warranty claims.  When I started, I knew nothing about Warranty.  There was no previous Warranty Admin to learn from, and we were already a month and hundreds of claims behind.  And summer just started.  If I didn’t know something, neither did anyone else, and I had to constantly fail upward and learn how not to do things, over and over, to finally learn the right way.  It was sink or swim.

If I didn’t have the largest territory for a single Warranty Admin, I sure came close, as most distributors have an entire Warranty Administration team made up of many individuals.  I processed 80-90% of all the claims for our customers (thousands of claims), which is far different than any other distributor, who often require their customers (HVAC dealers) to submit claims themselves.  

After doing Warranty for a while, I saw that many HVAC dealers were experiencing the same frustrations that I first went through. That’s what kept me engaged.  I wanted to put my knowledge of Warranty to good use and save them from the same frustration I experienced. 

I started ClaimsDone as a warranty service to all HVAC dealers after seeing the great need they have for excellent Warranty solutions.  Most of the companies I have worked with didn’t know where to start, and didn’t know where to find answers – just like me when I started.  I kept thinking about all the time they were spending on Warranty getting nowhere instead of using that time helping customers and growing their business.  That’s when I realized I had the perfect solution for them – I could be their Warranty Expert. 

Find out how your business will be more successful with having me as your Warranty Expert.