3 Easy Steps to Start Saving Right Away -

Getting Started with ClaimsDone is incredibly easy.  Below are the 3 easy steps to get you saving on claims immediately, and the first step only needs to be done one time at the beginning – from there, it is simply submitting and paying for claims!

1. Provide your Servicebench Login Information

This can be done over the phone or via email.  If you don’t know your 9-digit Servicebench ID and your username and password, you have a right to access this information and your distributor can provide it to you.  Once we have your login info, we can create a user account just for processing claims, or I can access your main account if you don’t have a preference.  Once this step is completed, I will save your information and we can skip this step for any subsequent claims.

2. Submit Your Claims

Simply email me at claimsdonenow@gmail.com with some very basic information:

          – Your Company Name and Servicebench ID in the email subject
          – 4 basic data points for your claim (photo of the data tag, customer info, replacement part #, and replacement invoice #)

     Since 90%+ of all claim errors are serial number related, I require the data tag of the equipment be attached.  If you can verify that the equipment has already been registered, I won’t need any customer info.  

3. Pay for Your Claims

Once you submit your claim(s), you can submit payment through this website here, or call me directly (303-763-0614) to handle payment.  I can do paypal, venmo, cashapp, and all major credit cards.  I even accept crypto!  Once payment has been made, I will process all claims submitted via email.

Once the claims have been submitted, I will inform you of their status.  Some claims, such as bulletins, usually require a review period from Carrier, and can take several days to process, however standard claims should be approved immediately. 

That’s it!

Ready to get going and start saving